Management philosophy

We, KAIHO INDUSTRY, express our happiness respectively, provide customers with trust and peace and harmonize with the natural environment.

Ten of the company

1. Make the best greetings in Japan with all our heart.
2. Do obvious things naturally.
3. Appreciate the past and challenge the future.
4. Make efforts continuously and build great trust.
5. Give smiles to everyone.
6. Realize we are someone’s treasure.
7. Be a true professional with a spirit of altruism.
8. Accomplish a commitment. once you have decided on it.
9. Make actions to improve the global environment.
10. Be a person who impress people.


1. I work at KAIHO INDUSTRY pleasantly for my life.
2. I keep learning pleasantly for my life.
3. I keep trying to do my best pleasantly for my life.
4. I always focus on safety at work for my family.
5. I make my dreams come true at KAIHO INDUSTRY.
6. I give good impression to people all over the World from KAIHO INDUSTRY as a maker of happiness.

Environmental policy

KAIHO INDUSTRY Co, Ltd dismantle End-of-Vehicles properly and promises to reduce environmental effects by taking action reusing and recycling used car parts and resources positively.
We establish this environmental policy as a part of recycling society at global level through our mission.



Company name

Kaiho Industry Co., Ltd.


May 1969


Chairman Norihiko Kondo
President Takayuki Kondo


1-25, Higashikagatsume-machi,
Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 920-0209
TEL. 076-237-5133
FAX. 076-237-1950

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Description of Business

Automobile recycling
Export and sales of used auto parts
- Automobile recycling business (domestic and overseas)
- Purchase of used vehicles and end-of-life vehicles
- Sales and export of used auto parts and used vehicles
- Education and training of automobile recycling engineers
- Agriculture


Industrial waste collector and transporter license
- Kanazawa city license no. 6001063169
- Ishikawa prefecture license no. 1709063169

Industrial waste disposal operator license
- Kanazawa city license no. 6021063169

Automobile recycling law dismantling operator license
- Kanazawa city license no. 6021063169

Automobile recycling law shredding and sorting operator license
- Kanazawa city license no. 20604000080

Automobile recycling law collection operator registration
- Kanazawa city license no. 20601000080

Automobile recycling law fluorocarbons recovery operator registration
- Kanazawa city license no. 20602000080

Secondhand Article Dealer license
- Ishikawa prefecture public safety commission no. 51102-000-6881

Company premises

Headquarter factory: 6,000㎡
Education center: 1,200㎡
SLC (Stock and Loading Center): 3,400㎡

Vehicle yard

1st pool: 2,900㎡
2nd pool: 4,000㎡
4th pool: 1,650㎡

Main financing bank

Kanaiwa branch, Hokkoku Bank, Ltd.
Higashi-odori branch, Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
Kanazawa branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Related company

With Kaiho Co., Ltd.

1-25, Higashikagatsumemachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken
TEL. 076-238-7754
FAX. 076-237-1950

Kaiho Parts Service Co., Ltd.

1-25, Higashikagatsumemachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken

Up Garage Kanazawa Store

5-240, Horiuchi, Nonoichi-machi, Ishikawa-gun, Ishikawa
TEL. 076-246-0116
FAX. 076-246-0163

Up Garage Ishikawa Komatsu Store

Ro35-1, Nagadamachi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa-ken
TEL. 0761-48-4499
FAX. 0761-48-4498

Up Garage Toyama Store

730-1, Kamibukuro, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken
TEL. 076-425-2866
FAX. 076-425-2851

Kaiho Research Institute Co., Ltd.

1-22-1, Higashikagatsumemachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken
TEL / FAX. 076-237-8167

Kaiho Trading Co., Ltd.

308 Shiba Daiya Heights, 2-4-5, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL / FAX. 03-6666-5697

Overseas Subsidiary
& joint Venture


540/1 Bangbon3 Road Laksong
Sub-district Bangkhae District
Bangkok 10160.
Landline/Fax : (+66)-2-116-0165
Mobile : (+66)-90-924-5565


X3-33, Sharjah SAIF ZONE,

P.O.Box: 69937
Industrial Area No.3




Tokyo Office

308 Shiba Daiya Heights, 2-4-5, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL/FAX. 03-6666-5697

Chiba Office

2082-6, Dainichi, Yotsukaido-shi, Chiba


RUM Alliance

308 Shiba Daiya Heights, 2-4-5, Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL/FAX. 03-6809-1171

Japan Venous Industry Research Center

1-25, Higashikagatsume-machi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken


Legal Adviser Owaricho law office
Legal Adviser Tokyo AOI attorney at law
Senior Adviser Tokutaro Hiramoto
Adviser Sukekatsu Ushioda
Tax Adviser Kanazawa Central accounting office

Company History

May 1969

Established Kondo Automobile Company Inc.

February 1992

Changed company name to KAIHO Industry Co., Ltd.

August 1998

Completed the new company building

February 2002

Acquired ISO14001 certification

September 2003

Assumed the office of the representative director of the cabinet office certified NPO RUM Alliance

March 2005

Acquired ISO9001 certification

January 2006

Certified as Ishikawa Prefecture Niche Top company

September 2006

Won the best company award of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Top 100 IT Management Enterprises

December 2007

The captal reached to 57million yen

February 2008

Won the Management Ability Award of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Small and Medium Sized IT Management Enterprises

March 2009

Won the 5th Top 300 Japanese High Service Companies

November 2011

Won the 3rd Alibaba Supplier Award

November 2013

Won the semifinalist of the Accelerating category of the 13th EY Entrepreneur of The Year Japan

June 2014

Won the Courageous Social Contribution Challenge Award of Funai Foundation Great Company Award 2014.

June 2017

Won the Ecosystem Award of the SDGs Business Award 2017.

October 2017


December 2017

Approved for United Nations Development Program (UNDP) -led “Business Call to Action (BCtA)”

December 2018

Won the 2nd SDGs Depute-Chief's "Japan SGDs Award" (by Foreign Minister)

Overseas development

July 2008

Settlement of KAIHO THAILAND (Joint Venture in Thailand)

June 2009

Settlement of MAEJI KAIHO (Joint Venture in Kenya)

August 2011

Settlement of KAIHO INDUSTRY (NIG) (Joint Venture in Nigeria)

September 2011

Settlement of KAIHO INDUSTRY GHANA (Joint Venture in Ghana)

February 2012

First JICA BoP business promotion research entrusted in Nigeria

July 2014

Foundation of the local subsidiary KAIHO MIDDLE EAST (FZE) in United Arab Emirates


Message from the chairman

Norihiko Kondo
Spreading into the World
the venous recycling system.

There is no bad opinion about a company that seeks for profit. However, a company that doesn’t choose the means for their own profit is called foolish. I doubt about the traditional capitalist society. Is there any happiness at the end of the money game? Is there richness beyond desire? Companies that are selfish, will be someday not alloyed. Without the spirit of altruism, we cannot co-exist with the society. It is not possible to continue. Meanwhile I was on the business for about half a century, I learned a lot about it. Companies should ask themselves what business they are made for and why they exist in this World. Everyone, even companies, live with a mission. The mission of the Kaiho Industry is to establish the vein industry and to create a recycling oriented society.
There is a big mission to leave this beautiful Earth to the people that will born in the future. As long as you have the mission and act, Kaiho Industry will still be allowed to exist in the society. I believe so. The time flow. Society is moving. Kaiho industry also has to change. I changed the company management from me to the current President, and now it is time to shift drastically the style. We are talking boldly about changing things. We do not want to become a corrupt company. To fulfil our mission, in order to be a company that can help people, we want to be a flexible group. Please pay attention to the future change and evolution of the group of Kaiho Industry.


Kaiho farm

The trigger about agriculture is to be an "employment for life."

The agriculture department was created by Kondo, our Chairman, thinking in preparing a new workplace for those employees of Kaiho Industry that will eventually retire.
In order to make the best use of the limited resources, we developed a "waste oil boiler" that uses 100,000 litters at year of oil from the recycled vehicles in our plant, this makes possible to harvest tomatoes year-round in a greenhouse. The harvested tomato has a high sugar content, being sweet and delicious.

Kaiho Recycle Festival

Spreading the "Mottainai” culture for the future

Every year since 2011, we have held the "Recycle Festival" in August. In order to convey feelings of gratitude to all the people in the community, it is a festival to make the general public know about the recycling business from the viewpoint of "clean up". At the car dismantling show, there is always a great expectation for the operator that manipulates with great skills a large heavy equipment.

Hakui City natural cultivation

Connecting the future with food.

Satoyama in Ishikawa Prefecture. "Natural cultivation" is a key word for the agricultural business conducted in Hakui City. To commemorate the establishment of the Hakui-type Natural Cultivation Executive Committee in 2017, we held a symposium at the Kanazawa City Culture Hall. Mr. Akinori Kimura, the founder of the natural cultivation, gave a talk at this symposium.

Rebelt bag

This bag is made by seat belts.

An eco-friendly bag that uses recycled automobile seat belts. Sewing is carefully finished by skilled craftsmen. Design is unisex, equipped with an internal pocket according to each function. In addition, all materials are cleaned, so you can use them with confidence.

Treasure chair

It will bring you the memories of your favourite car.

We produce seats from a recycled vehicles. Because a seat used in a car is ergonomically excellent, bringing perfect comfort. Some customers are buying seats as a memory from their last car. We have been sold over 1000 treasure chairs since its release. Many customers repeat the experience and many people use them regularly.